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Pay By Group makes it easy to accept payment from a group of customers online - in your app or on your site. Get integrated quickly by reviewing the Sample Scenarios, and select from our range of API (back-end) and JavasScript Library (front-end) integration tools.

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1 - Leverage your existing APIs

Online retailer with Cart ID & Order API

Online retailer Harrison’s granted Pay By Group access to their Search and Order APIs and added a Pay By Group button to their checkout page using JavaScript.

  1. On Harrison’s payment page, the customer clicks on Pay By Group’s “Split the Cost” button. Note: Pay By Group’s button can match your styling as you see fit. For more details see adding Pay By Group’s checkout button.
  1. This triggers a modal with the Pay By Group payment flow. Pay By Group needs to receive certain information in order to create the purchase (see: required data to create a purchase ) and must receive all information necessary to later create the order via Harrison’s Order API. For Harrison’s, all the necessary info is available for Pay By Group to retrieve from their API using a persistent Cart ID, except for the payment destination for the item being purchased. Therefore, Harrison’s passes only the Cart ID and Payment Destination ID as parameters to Pay By Group.
                   "paymentDestinationID":"b7a3b4a4-e138-4aed-a3d5-b5773386f035"}' />
  1. Pay By Group populates the purchase with all the relevant purchase info retrieved from Harrison’s API using the Cart ID and/or data passed as other parameters.
  2. Pay By Group handles everything once the customer lands on the Harrison’s-branded, Pay By Group-hosted payment flow. The customer will choose how much she wants to pay and invite her friends. Pay By Group sends invitations and automated reminders to drive the purchase to complete quickly. Per Harrison’s policy, no inventory is held during this time.
  3. Because Harrison’s enabled Pay By Group’s price and availability monitoring, Pay By Group checks Harrison’s system at regular intervals for any price changes and to see if the inventory is no longer available. These checks are done via Harrison’s Search API and do not create any orders. If the price changes, Pay By Group automatically updates the details of the in-progress group and secures necessary approvals from group members when the price rises. If the inventory becomes unavailable, Pay By Group recommends alternate options to which the organizer can apply the existing group.



Pay By Group has multiple options to handle when the inventory for an in-progress group becomes unavailable before they complete their order. See options for monitoring and modifying groups.

  1. Once the purchase is 100% committed, Pay By Group runs a final price and availability check via Harrison’s Search API. If that passes, Pay By Group authorizes all charges to ensure valid funds.
  2. Once funds are verified, Pay By Group creates an order through Harrison’s Order API with the Cart ID and/or other parameters passed in step 2. Pay By Group marks the order as paid in Harrison’s system and captures funds. For more details, see how to mark orders as paid.


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1 - Leverage your existing APIs

Online retailer with Cart ID & Order API

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