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Pay By Group makes it easy to accept payment from a group of customers online - in your app or on your site. Get integrated quickly by reviewing the Sample Scenarios, and select from our range of API (back-end) and JavasScript Library (front-end) integration tools.

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Introduction to Pay By Group

This is the full specification of how to integrate with Pay By Group using any of our available integration options.

If you have an online shop where you want to receive group payments, this document can guide you to setup everything you need to get started with Pay By Group.

In order to use this API you need a Pay By Group Business account and API key. To create a business account and receive an API key, visit or contact [email protected]

First, you need to choose how to receive payments from the following two options.

1. Using your existing gateway

Recommended for:

  • Large businesses that want to ensure all their transactions are in one place and wish to maintain their current negotiated rates for credit card processing
  • Any business based outside the United States

Pay By Group supports direct integration with over 80 gateways around the world and can add support for others on an as-needed basis for new clients.

Setup process

  1. Login to your Business Portal and provide Pay By Group with credentials to run transactions on your behalf through your existing gateway.
  • If you have multiple gateways, such as one per country or per currency, add every gateway through which you may want Pay By Group to run transactions
  • The gateway used for a given purchase can be defined on a per-purchase basis
  1. Ensure the settings for each gateway you add are set to support the following credit card actions through its API:
  • Authorization without requiring cvv/cvc code
  • Capture
  • Partial capture
  • Refund
  • Partial refund
  1. Pay By Group will run each individual group member’s transaction through your gateway and include optional metadata based on what your gateway supports, such as:
  • User email
  • Purchase ID
  1. Any Pay By Group fees charged to the customer over and above the amount of the purchase settle to your account, and Pay By Group bills you separately to remit those to Pay By Group on a rolling basis.

2. Using Pay By Group as your processor

Recommended for:

  • Small and medium-sized businesses based in the United States
  • Any business that prefers to receive a single deposit per completed purchase instead of the individual, constituent transactions
  • Businesses that which to offer multi-currency support to their customers

Setup process

  1. You provide Pay By Group with the details of the bank account where you wish to receive deposits.
  • You will be asked to verify certain details about your business and the individual responsible for your finances in order for us to verify the account
  • If you have multiple bank accounts, such as one per region or business unit, add each account to which you may want Pay By Group to send funds
  1. Pay By Group processes each group member’s payment on your behalf and combines them all into a single payout to your bank account when the group completes.
  2. The payout is triggered when a group completes, and the funds are sent as a single ACH payout per completed group. The deposits typically show in your account within 1-3 business days.

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Introduction to Pay By Group

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