Building blocks for group payments

Pay By Group makes it easy to accept payment from a group of customers online - in your app or on your site. Get integrated quickly by reviewing the Sample Scenarios, and select from our range of API (back-end) and JavasScript Library (front-end) integration tools.

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Pay By Group API

Pay By Group allows you to retrieve info on the group level or member level to pull into your order system and/or CRM as you wish. This can be done using our API calls such as:

  1. Group data - if you need to retrieve data for one or more purchases, regardless of what stage they are at, use the List purchases endpoint or the Retrieve Purchase endpoint.
  2. Member data - if you need to retrieve detailed data about the members of a purchase, you can use the List memberships endpoint.

It can also be done using our Javascript SDK to make those same calls from the front end.

Pay By Group API

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