Building blocks for group payments

Pay By Group makes it easy to accept payment from a group of customers online - in your app or on your site. Get integrated quickly by reviewing the Sample Scenarios, and select from our range of API (back-end) and JavasScript Library (front-end) integration tools.

Get Started    

What if your system does not have a cart id or equivalent way for Pay By Group to retrieve information about a potential order? What if you have one but some of the required purchase info cannot be retrieved using your cart id?

You can pass some or all relevant, required info to Pay By Group as parameters, along with the Cart ID (if available), when the Pay By Group option is clicked:

Example of passing parameters using the Javascript Library

var attributes = {
  product: {
    name: "Trip to Tahoe",
    purchase_id: "DD049394"
    image_url: "",
  price: {
    total_cost: 45000